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Homeowners spend a lot of time and money keeping up with maintenance issues around the house. Fortunately, it’s very easy to test your garage door safety features and keep it lubed for smooth door performance which will help with longevity of life for the moving parts. These items should be done at least every six months.

1 st Door balance test.

Start with the garage door in the down position (this is for safety if the door balance isn’t correct the door can slam down and cause harm or damage).
Pull the red release cord down to disconnect the door from the opener. Now lift the garage door manually. The door should feel light. You should be able to raise each panel through the track radius (curve) and the door should stay there on its own if you were to let it go. If the door wants to fall back down the springs on the door need to be adjusted or replaced depending on severity of the weight

2 nd Visually inspect torsion cables.

DO NOT TOUCH the cables, they are under spring tension which makes them dangerous. With the door in the down position simply follow the cables with your eyes you are looking for frays in the cables that indicate they are in need of replacement.

3 rd Open the door and inspect the weather seal located at the bottom of your garage door.

This seal is important because it helps keep unwanted pests, debris and water from getting into your garage. If the seal is in need of replacement you can do it yourself or have a pro, do it for you.

4 th Auto reverse test.

Reconnect the door to the opener. Open the door with the opener. Place a 2×4 flat on the ground below the garage door. Now close the door with the opener. The door should come down, touch the wood and auto reverse. If it doesn’t reverse a professional is needed to properly and safely fix the issue.

5 th Safety sensor test

Step outside the garage so the door cannot come down on you. Close the door, as it starts to come down, quickly wave your foot in front of the safety sensors. The door should auto reverse immediately. If not, a professional should be called out to further trouble shoot the problem.

6 th Lube the garage door and opener.

If everything has worked correctly it’s time to lube it up. Start with the garage door in the closed position. Use a silicon spray lube for the best results. Spray each hinge and wheel starting at the bottom of the door and work your way up. This helps by keeping you from breathing in the overspray. Spray the springs above the door and spray the opener rail. That’s it! Easy! Most professional garage door repair companies are happy to field questions over the phone so don’t be embarrassed to call if you get hung up on something. They are there to help you and should offer you free advice to get you through it. The first time may feel a bit daunting but once you get through it the first time it is so much easier the next.