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The garage door won’t close, kids are moving at the speed of smell, and you have a presentation for your largest client at 9 A.M. This is when panic sets in, what to do now?
Usually, it’s simply the garage door sensors, which are located on either side of the garage door track roughly 6 inches from the floor. These two sensors are there to prevent the door closing on anything or anyone under the garage door. One of the sensors sends an infrared light beam across the garage opening, the other sensor receives that beam.

What to look for.

All safety sensors have indicator lights to help you diagnose the issue when the garage won’t close.
Locate the indicator light on each sensor. Different brands use different colored lights, so the color of the indicator lights doesn’t matter. What you’re looking for is solid indicator lights on both safety sensors. If one light is out or flashing one of the following is most likely going to fix it for you.

1 st Walk inside the garage and locate the safety sensors.

Is something in the way? Has a rake placed in the corner fallen over? Etc…. Move the item obstructing the sensor beam. Door should now close.

2 nd If nothing is blocking the sensors look to see if the sensors are pointed at each other.

Sometimes sensors can be knocked out of alignment by bumping them with something being stored in the corner,or kids bumping them while playing. If they seem like they aren’t lined up just loosen the wing nut holding the sensor in its bracket adjust as needed then tighten the wing nut again. Door should now close.

3 rd Direct sunlight in certain areas of the country can be intense enough to fool the safety sensors into thinking something is in the way of the door closing.

The sunlight blocks the infrared beam from reaching the opposing sensor. Grab a hand held remote control and position your body outside the garage door ( not under the door) so you create shade on the sensor in the sun. If the door now closes,
we know that the sensors have become too sensitive and need to be replaced or you can shade the sensors with a piece of cardboard so the sun doesn’t hit the sensor directly.

4 th Wiring.

If you follow the wiring that is visible outside of the wall and see a wire no longer connected to the sensor you can either splice it back together yourself (low voltage cannot shock you) or call in a professional to rewire it for you.

If you have checked all of the above and still no joy? You can pull down on the red release cord hanging down from the opener. This will disconnect the door from the opener, so you are able to manually close the garage door. This allows you to safely close the door.
If the above items don’t solve the problem it may be something more severe and a professional should be called in to correct it.

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